Califon, New Jersey, May 7-11, 2017
Part 2 - Mercer Museum - Doylestown, PA

Henry Chapman Mercer, 1856-1930, was a historian, archaeologist, collector of American handicraft tools, museum pioneer, innovative architect, master potter, and creator of Moravian Tiles.
He created the Mercer Museum, as well as Fonthill Castle (his home) and the Moravian Tile Works.
He built them all out of poured concrete.

Exterior of the Mercer Museum.

The main hall of the museum.
There are several floors of exhibits around the outside part of this central area.

Another view.

Smith flatbed press, c. 1830.

The top floor of the museum.

The windows have concrete mullions.

Examples of Moravian tiles.

Cast iron statue of Mercer's dog Rollo.

Rollo's stairway.
Rollo was allowed to walk in the wet concrete of this stairway in the museum, thereby dedicating it to himself.

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