Califon, New Jersey, May 7-11, 2017
Part 6 - SteelStacks - Bethlehem, PA

SteelStacks is a ten-acre campus featuring venues for arts, culture, and community events.
It was the home plant of Bethlehem Steel, the second largest steel manufacturer in the nation.

The towering stacks after which the campus is named are actually a series of five blast furnaces that were used in the iron-making process at Bethlehem Steel.

A new walkway at the second-story level provides up-close views of the structures.

Giant pipes like this carried the massive amounts of air required by the furnaces.

Compressor house which provided the immense volume of pressurized air to serve the blast furnaces.

This hopper car ran on three rails, high above the ground, to bring and dump raw materials for the furnaces.

Each car has a little room on one end.

After the last batch of steel was made in 1995, the furnaces and other structures were abandoned.

ArtsQuest Center is one of the arts venues on the campus.

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