Califon, New Jersey, May 7-11, 2017
Part 7 - National Museum of Industrial History - Bethlehem, PA

The museum entrance is a short walk from the SteelStacks.

A pair of giant pinion gears, 40,000 pounds each, near the museum entrance.

A foot-powered table saw.

A steam engine that could be moved around to provide power where needed.

Machines were often highly-decorated, on the theory that a beautiful work environment would inspire workers.

A working Jacquard loom, controlled by punched cards.
This was the first known use of punched cards, predating Hollerith cards by about 89 years.

The yellow cords are not part of the fabric being produced.
They are actually part of the control mechanism, as shown in this rear view.

An example of a Jacquard textile.

A large and pretty example of a governor mechanism.
As the vertical shaft spins, centrifugal force moves the two weighted green balls farther out from the center.
That forces the balls higher, pulling up on a mechanism (not obvious here) that reduces the power and thereby limits the rotational speed of the shaft.

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