Califon, New Jersey (June 4-8, 2012)

Jim visited Dave and Karan
at their home on 13 Lenore Road.

A view from the front

Another front view

From the back

Dave at the front entrance, with the hydrangeas

Dave took this picture of Karan and Jim at dinner.

Another house on Lenore Road

Still another

Yet another

A view from the upper end of Lenore Road

On June 5, Dave and I hiked the Ken Lockwood Gorge,
along the Raritan River.

We saw several fishermen . . .

. . . all in hip waders.


Is that a turtle?

The trail went under the Gorge Bridge;
we would return two days later to hike across the bridge.

Later that day we visited the nearby town of Clinton.

We saw the beautiful stone Hunterdon Art Museum, . . .

. . . and at the other end of the water fall,
we went into the Red Mill Museum Village.

This Canada goose family was on the grounds behind the red mill.

On June 6 we went to the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.

A turtle-nesting mound

Speaking of turtles . . .

(Not to scale with other pictures!)

On June 7 we hiked the Columbia Trail along the Raritan River,
just uphill from the trail we did on June 5.

We crossed the Gorge Bridge . . .

. . . the site of the Gorge Bridge train wreck of 1885.

Then we hiked back along the Raritan River.

On the way back home, we dropped by the
Taylor Steelworkers Historical Greenway, part historical site . . .

. . . and part working steel company.


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