Danube Cruise Trip, September 26-October 13, 2013
Part 2 - Istanbul, Turkey - The Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia was inaugurated by Emperor Justinian in 537. It was originally a Greek Orthodox basilica, then a mosque. Now it is a museum. Its name is pronounced ah EE uh so FEE uh, and numerous other ways.

The Hagia Sophia.

The Hagia Sophia from our hotel rooftop, with archeological dig in foreground.

Some of the buttresses.

The dome.

The dome, from the inside.

The center of the dome.

Windows around the base of the dome.

The minbar (center), a pulpit used by the imam when he delivers the Friday sermon; and the mihrab (left), the niche that indicates the direction of Mecca.

A dog, outside.

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