Danube Cruise Trip, September 26-October 13, 2013
Part 8 - Istanbul, Turkey - The Chora Museum

The Chora Museum (also known as the Church of St. Saviour in Chora, or as Kariye Camii) dates from the 11th century. It was originally a Byzantine church, then a mosque. Now it is a museum.

Two views of the exterior.

Damaged cupola.

Cupola - Christ.

Cupola - Theotokos (Mary, the Mother of Jesus).

Mosaic - "Anastasis" (Resurrection).

Mosaic - "Journey to Bethlehem".

Mosaic - "Christ healing the mother-in-law of St. Peter".

Mosaic - "The Dormition (Death) of the Virgin Mary".

Mosaic - "Christ Pantocrator".

Mosaic - St. Paul.

Afterwards, Dave waited while Karan shopped for tile.

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