Danube Cruise Trip, September 26-October 13, 2013
Part 10 - Istanbul, Turkey - A day cruise on the Bosporus

The Bosporus (or Bosphorus) is the strait that connects the Black Sea (at its north end) with the Sea of Marmara (and on to the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea). The Bosporus also divides Istanbul and Turkey between Europe on the west and Asia on the east.

Karen and Jim enjoyed the cruise.

A house near the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (Route E80).

The Four Seasons Bosphorus hotel, formerly a 19th-century Ottoman palace.

A buoy.

At the northern end of the cruise, we saw the beginnings of a future bridge across the northern end of the Bosporus.

Preparations for the bridge, on the Asian side.

As we headed back south, a bit of Asia jutted out.

A Turkish navy vessel.

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Last updated November 7, 2013