Danube Cruise Trip, September 26-October 13, 2013
Part 12 - The Danube

Our boat, the AmaPrima. (The blue thing is a docking facility, not part of the boat.)

The bow.

The stern.

The gangplank.

The reception desk.

The stairs and elevator.

The corridor to our cabin.

The captain, Jan de Bruijn.

Sunrise along the Danube.

Entering a lock.

The boat was really close to the lock wall.

A Roman memorial plaque ("Tabula Traiana"), commemorating the completion of Trajan's military bridge, constructed in 105 AD.

Part of the Iron Gates, a gorge on the Danube.

Monument to Decebalus, King of Dacia.

The Mraconia Monastery.

Karan, Karen, and Dave watch the monastery go by.

More of the Iron Gates.

Ponicova Cave

Harnessing wind power along the river.

Golubac Fortress, near Golubac, Serbia.

Dinner on board.

Docked in Novi Sad, Serbia.

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