Danube Cruise Trip, September 26-October 13, 2013
Part 33 - People of Eastern Europe

Our waiter, balancing three glasses of beer, at a sidewalk restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey.

Two girls pose for a photo in Istanbul.

Japanese tourists in Istanbul.

Two women in Istanbul.

Boys with their devices in Istanbul.

Woman in burka and sunglasses in Istanbul.

Newlyweds in Istanbul.

Dance practice on an outdoor stage in Ruse, Bulgaria.

Street musicians in Belgrade, Serbia.

Bookseller and customer in Belgrade.

Dancing in the streets in Belgrade.

Street worker in Belgrade.

Orthodox priest in Belgrade.

Window painter in Novi Sad, Croatia.

Street musicians in Budapest, Hungary.

Laying cobblestone in Budapest.

Window washer in Budapest.

Construction workers in Budapest.

Applying mortar to new stone street in Budapest.

Newlyweds in Budapest.

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Last updated November 7, 2013