Hawaii, May 18-26, 2015
Part 3 - The Town of Lahaina

The town of Lahaina,
on the west coast of Maui

Lahaina harbor.

Remains of the brick palace of Kamehameha I, in Lahaina.

Detail of the brick palace remains.

Ruins of old fort in Lahaina.

View of the island of Lanai, from Lahaina.

The Jodo Mission in Lahaina

This Buddhist mission was founded by Japanese immigrants.

The pagoda, 90 feet tall.

The temple.

Interior of the temple.

The Great Buddha, 3.5 tons, copper and bronze.

The bell tower.

Close-up of the bell.
At 8:00 each night it rings 11 times.

The Banyan tree in Lahaina

Description of the banyan tree, planted in 1873.

The banyan tree as seen from a block away.

The central trunk.

Some of the peripheral trunks.

Vines extend to the ground and take root.

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