Hawaii, May 18-26, 2015
Part 14 - Fauna of Hawaii

Fauna of Hawaii

All bird identifications are courtesy of Hart Rufe of the St. Lucie (Florida) Audubon Society.

A horse with a Cattle Egret.

Two cats.

A sea turtle.

A younger sea turtle.

A sea turtle basking.

A sea turtle mooning the photographer.

A Jungle Fowl, the precursor to our regular barnyard chicken.

A Common Mynah, originally from India. (On our first night in Maui,
a tree full of these outside our window screeched most of the night.)

A Saffron Finch, sometimes called the Hawaii Yellow Finch,
introduced to Hawaii from South America.

A Black-crowned Night Heron.

A crab that seemed disturbingly immobile.

A chameleon.

A praying mantis, near our condo.

A Hawaiian garden spider (Argiope appensa).

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