Melbourne, Florida, March 6-12, 2016
Part 3 - Treasure museums

1. McLarty Treasure Museum, Vero Beach, Florida - part of the Sebastian Inlet State Park

Jim with Ed Perry, Park Services Specialist, McLarty Treasure Museum

This gilded pitcher was probably used to hold perfume and was made from silver that was overlaid with gold.
Much of the gold was removed from years at sea as the silver underneath corroded.

Delicate K'ang Hsi porcelain was loaded onto the 1715 Fleet galleons
after a voyage halfway around the world from China
aboard the Manilla Galleons in the Pacific Ocean.
Mule trains from Acapulco to Vera Cruz would connect the trade routes
and transport goods from the Pacific Fleet into the Atlantic Fleet.

This large "charger" was a pewter plate used to serve food aboard ship.

2. Mel Fisher Treasure Museum, Sebastian, Florida

Mel Fisher, treasure hunter

Gold plate

Two silver gilt plates depicting scenes from mythology

Silver ingot

Assortment of buckles

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