Utah Parks, October 17-31, 2016
Part 1 - Zion National Park

Our first stop was Zion National Park. We stayed in Springdale, Utah, at the entrance to the park.

The mountains at Zion climb almost straight up. This was one of the tram stops; cars are not allowed in parts of Zion.

The Virgin River runs through the park. Its erosion over the ages is responsible for the park as it exists today.

Late morning shows the natural colors of nature . . .

. . . but the mountains brighten as sunset approaches.

The Court of the Patriarchs:
Abraham and Isaac Peaks are the two on the left;
Mount Moroni is on the right, with Jacob Peak hidden behind it.

A daytime moon over Zion.

A panoramic view seen on the Archaeology Trail hike.

Lower Emerald Pool.

Weeping Rock.

Climber on a cliff wall.

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