Utah Parks, October 17-31, 2016
Part 7 - Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park is a wilderness of rock not far southwest of Arches National Park. At its center, the Green River coming from the northwest flows into the Colorado River, which runs from northeast to southwest. The "Y" formed by the rivers divides the park into three sections. We visited only the northern section, Island in the Sky.

Grand View Point Overlook. The steeply eroded foreground is Monument Basin.

Junction Butte, as seen from Grand View Point Overlook.

View from Orange Cliffs Overlook.

Upheaval Dome, a two-mile-wide crater created by either (1) a meteorite impact, (2) a slowly-eroding salt dome, or (3) something else.

Mesa Arch.

Bad tourist.

Candlestick Tower.

The Shafer Trail, a dirt road with many switchbacks that descends into Shafer Canyon.

Throughout the Utah parks, we saw many trees like this, which we think is a bristlecone pine, among the longest-lived species on earth.

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