Utah Parks, October 17-31, 2016
Part 13 - Glen Canyon / Lake Powell

Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area were created by damming the Colorado River at Page, Arizona, just south of the Utah border. What had been the beautiful and little-known Glen Canyon is now a lake that stretches 186 miles. The reasons given for building the dam were (1) to conserve and control the water supply provided by the Colorado River; (2) to generate clean electricity; and (3) to provide recreational opportunities (meaning boating).

There was little for us to do there.

Our hotel, the Defiance House Lodge, is on a hill overlooking the lake, in the town of Bullfrog.

This is the view from the hotel, looking down toward the marina. We expected the lake to be surrounded by trees, but no such luck.

There's ordinarily a ferry across the lake. But it was not in service, so our drive up from Bluff was much longer because we had to come the long way. We were told that the ferry had gotten caught in high winds and blown against the shore, so that its Rolls-Royce-built drive shaft was bent. A new one has been ordered from the factory.

Sunrise from the hotel.

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