Utah Parks, October 17-31, 2016
Part 15 - The Town of Page, Arizona

Entering Page, we passed the Navajo Generating Station, a 2250 megawatt coal-fired powerplant. According to NPR, "The Navajo Generating Station is the nation's third largest emitter of carbon dioxide, climate warming gases, of any power facility in the country."

We were surprised to learn that the Glen Canyon Dam, the thing that created Lake Powell, is located in Page, not far from our hotel.

Hydroelectric power is produced by the generating station at the foot of the dam.

The eight generators can produce up to 1320 megawatts.

Wires, barely visible at the lower left, carry the electric power up from the generating station to the distribution towers that send the megawatts out to Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Nebraska.

The bridge across the Colorado River, just downstream from the dam, was built before the dam to facilitate the dam's construction.

We also hiked to Horseshoe Bend, downstream from the dam, where the Colorado River makes a 270-degree turn.

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