Covington VA, May 14-16, 2004
Ruth Scott's 85th Birthday Celebration

Our bed and breakfast, the Cliff View Inn.
Note the cliff view in the background.

Our guest of honor

With her grandchildren (and their friends)

Huit, Ruth's great-grandson

The Homestead Hotel, at Hot Springs

The Jefferson Pools, a spa dating from 1761, in Warm Springs

Inside one of the pools

Near the B&B, a killdeer protects its eggs (visible just behind the tail)

An abandoned bridge, not far from the B&B

The blast-proof door at the entrance to the bunker under the Greenbrier Hotel
in White Sulphur Springs, just inside West Virginia.
From 1961 to 1992, this is where Congress would have been relocated
in case of a nuclear attack on Washington.

Part of the bunker's power generation facility

Unfresh food

A small part of the dormitory space

Where the House of Representatives would have convened


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