London (December 21-27, 2008)
Part 3 - A Visit to Surrey County

Jim visited his friends Tom and Sandy Black in Surrey County, south of London.

Tom and Jim went to the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum. The buildings are traditional homes and workplaces, rescued from destruction from various locations in southern England.

More of Weald & Downland.

"Farmhouse from Midhurst", at Weald & Downland.

"Hall from Boarhunt", at Weald & Downland.

"Granary from Littlehampton", at Weald & Downland. Note the mushroom-shaped stones on which it stands; these are to keep vermin out.

A privy, built into an outside wall.

Pigs at Weald & Downland.

Horse at Weald & Downland.

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