New Mexico, April 12-19, 2003
Part 2 - Bandelier National Monument and Los Alamos

Cliffs at Bandelier National Monument

Molly gets a close look at a cliff dwelling

Could this be "God's Thumb" from the movie "Holes"?

In the background are the ruins of Tyuonyi [chew OHN yee] Pueblo

A reconstructed talus house at the base of the cliff

In Los Alamos, in honor of Jim's birthday, he was allowed to spend as much time as he wanted in the Bradbury Science Museum . . .

. . . and the Los Alamos Historical Museum (previously the guest cottage for the Manhattan Project).

The Bradbury Museum has this display of Manhattan Project history, including figures of Robert Oppenheimer and General Leslie Grove . . .

. . . and Fat Man, the plutonium atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. (Little Boy, the uranium atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, had been removed "because of renovations to the exhibit.")

The Fuller Lodge, next to the Los Alamos Historical Museum, previously housed Manhattan Project personnel.

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