Skyline Drive (Big Meadows), October 27-29, 2006
Some photos by Mary Lynn Scott

In the cabin (Hawksbill 60-62):
Hap, Lisa, Ruth, Nathan, Jeannie, Phil, Matthew, and Karen

Nathan, Jeannie, Phil, Matthew, Ruth, Karen, Jim, Hap, and Lisa

Karen on top of Blackrock Mountain

Ruth, Karen, and Molly on the Big Meadows Lodge observation deck

Molly, same place

Molly and Karen

Deer oblivious to forest fire:
Mary Lynn's photo through the cabin picture window,
with a reflection of the fireplace

The participants in the Fishers Gap Overlook hike:
Jeannie, Nathan, Hap, Matthew, and Phil

A view on the hike

Going through the laurel "tunnel"

This tree took a lichen to this spot,
but found itself between a rock and a hard place.

More fall leaves

Looking west, into the valley

Panorama, looking west

Karen, Molly, and Jim, ready to go home

Karen, Molly, and Jim


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