Scott Family Christmas Brunch
Richmond VA (December 23, 2001)

Karen prepares the meal

Mike carves the ham

Ann shares the photo album of her recent trip to Peru

Asa helps Stonewall adjust to unaccustomed surroundings

Molly shows off the stockings and Karen's Snow Village

Molly and Kerin with Jupiter

Did Kerin feed Jupiter?

The festive brunch table

The non-vegetarian side of the table

At last, brunch is served!

Some dined in the living room . . .

. . . including Bill and Becky . . .

. . .and some dined in the family room

Everyone crowds into the family room for gift opening

Too soon, the guests leave in their snazzy cars

Jake celebrates the departure of the strangers . . .

. . . and Molly and Jupiter settle down to wait for Santa


Last updated January 3, 2004